Mock Interview

The mock interview helps you learn to answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies, improve your communication skills and reduce stress before an actual job interview. During the simulated interview, we will use semi-structured questions so that you have the opportunity to train your answers in advance and with each answer we will direct feedback and tips to further improve your communication, thereby accelerating your results.

5 reasons to do the Mock Interview:

  • It improves your English and takes away the fear of speaking to native speakers;
  • It enrich your vocabulary;
  • It brings you the experience of a real interview but without the weight of one;
  • It increases your chances of succeeding in an interview;
  • It expands your communication skills;

With a Mock Interview it will be easier to attend interviews, reducing nervousness. Your chances will be higher and you will be more confident about future interviews.

We offer session packages and each one will help you to develop your answers and answer your questions.

Package 1

1 session of 1h


Package 2

1 session of 1h30


How it works

  • You will forward the description of the job position you are interested in or will be interviewed;
  • The preparatory material and tools will be sent to you;
  • The online or face-to-face interview simulation will be scheduled according to the contracted plan;
  • After the simulation you will receive feedback on each answer and suggestions for improvement in your answers.

This solution can be contracted individually or with the Curriculum Restructuring Package, Cover Letter and LinkedIn.

Super competent and dedicated professional, I am impressed by the results of our life and career coach, I couldn’t imagine it would be so good, now I see how important is for people having goals and being able to see them clearly, setting goals, and executing without any doubt, distraction or confusion. I’m sure it will be a divider and differential in my life !! I can only thank you Deborah, and congratulate her for her professionalism that stands out!

Bárbara Mesquita

I hired the CV, LinkedIn and Cover Letter consulting service and I was very happy with the result of Débora’s work, as well as the additional tips. Highly recommend for excellence and fair price for students.

Glauciane Almeida
Accounting Analyst

Débora’s ability to extract the professional strengths of people is quite impressive. Having her as a Career Consultant, helping me not only to redesign my CV, Cover Letter and improve my LinkedIn profile but further build up my confidence and preparation to go through interviewing processes was a turning point in my career. After five-years living in Ireland getting the dream job opportunity seemed to be unachievable, but thanks to Débora’s mastery and experience I’ve got the job opportunity I pursued so long. If you are looking for the first job opportunity, outplacement or career advancement, Débora is the right professional to assist you.

Denise Rocha
Marketing Graduate

I hired the coaching service with Debora to help me with an interview. She was always very professional and helpful. She quickly sent me the proposals according to my demand. She Supported me throughout the process during and after the interview. I Highly recommend her to everyone, she will guide you in the best direction. Learning and practicing never hurts !!!! Thanks for everything.

Greyce Kelly Mcfarlane
Head of Corporate Groups Department

I hired Coaching (10 sessions), including LinkedIn, CV and Cover Letter with Deborah because I had many doubts about what I should look for in the European market. The meetings were very useful and we were able to define the objectives and resolve doubts together. I could have never develop a CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn with the wealth of information and quality in which they were Developed.

Bruno Canela Pires
Accounting Analyst

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