Your International Career

Discover the Exclusive Method that will turn your professional profile into a powerful tool to attract the best opportunities in the market, through strategies tested and validated by hundreds of clients.

Hello, this is Débora Abdala, Creator of Além do Passaporte.

I am a psychologist and International Career Mentor. I have more than 10 years of experience in the areas of People Development and Recruitment for big companies before becoming an expat.

In 2016 I decided to change sides and since then I have helped hundreds of professionals to achieve the dream of living and working abroad through different market positioning strategies.

And now you also have access to the exclusive method that will increase your confidence to face the recruitment processes with vital information and tips to never be afraid to apply for the positions of your dreams or to think that you are not ready yet.

I will show you that it is possible to work in your professional area living abroad and GUIDE you closely to avoid self-sabotage that you need to speak English fluently to start applying and the procrastination of always postponing your transition due to being afraid of leaving the your comfort zone and exposing yourself to the international market.

Through the Exclusive Method of the Impulse Program you will receive

  • Survey of your strengths and identification of points to be improved to use the best placement strategy
  • Analysis and development of your new Curriculum, Cover Letter and Linkedin in English (or other language) strategically designed for the positions of interest
  • Remote optimization and alteration of your LinkedIn Profile to be found on the first search pages by recruiters
  • LinkedIn guide for strategically using the platform and personalized message templates to contact recruiters and networking professionals
  • List of Companies that hire more immigrants and employment agencies
  • Grammatical review of all material made by a specialized professional
  • Careful assessment and research on the labor market in your area
  • English Interview Training and Simulation
  • Map to create and expand your networking
  • Control sheet for your job applications and Job Hunting tips

During the Impulse Program, we will walk along three pillars together

Your Professional Profile

Meeting 1
1 hour

Job Hunting & Networking

Meeting 2
1 hour

Interview Simulation

Meeting 3

The Impulse Program takes place in a cycle of 3 biweekly online or face-to-face meetings (if you are in Ireland), in which we will walk with you through the 3 pillars. The days, times and frequency of the meetings can be adapted according to your specificity.

Would you like to develop your skills, work on your emotional intelligence and establish strategies that can leverage your life and career abroad?

Bonus 1

Online course with English classes on interview preparation

Bonus 2

Support for 30 days via WhatsApp to answer questions, monitor ongoing processes and share your achievements.

To whom should I recommend the Impulse Program - Your International Career?

Are you tired of working in operational jobs?

Your current job doesn’t add to your training area?

Do you definitely want to get a job in your professional field?

Have you sent your resume to many openings but you’ve never been called for an interview?

Do you have a hard time explaining what you were doing in Brazil at the time of the interview in English?

Do you know what area you want to work in but don’t know how to start or what positions to look for?

If you answered yes to one of the questions above, Coaching Impulse is for you and will definitely help you gain the long-awaited international job in your field. Don’t waste any more time, you’re just 1 step from starting to boost your international life and career in the upcoming months.

Müller Salgueiro

Debora is an excellent professional, she has a knowledge on recruitment techniques. She did a great job with my CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn. We did our coaching in one week in the other I was already hired. I recommend her work.

Müller Salgueiro
Core Engineer

Virginia Murdocco

Débora is an extremely committed and sensible professional. She helped me to increase my confidence and see new career possibilities within my field. I felt very satisfied with her coaching service and I recommend her services to everyone who is looking for a new job opportunity in Europe. Thank you, Débora!

Virginia Murdocco
Program Coordinator

Talitha Vergara

I live in Buenos Aires due to the expatriation of my husband and when I hired the service of Coaching was at a very delicate (and lost) moment professionally. The value that the process added to me as a person and professional was way beyond what I expected. Deborah is an amazing person, generous in what she does, competent and dedicated, who really sees far beyond a passport, sees a person changing and helps you see the best of that process.

Talitha Vergara

Camila Gomes Anselmo

Excellent professional! I really enjoyed Débora’s service and the content she gave me with great transparency, professionalism and dedication. No doubt I recommend her work to those who need help writing CV / LinkedIn and valuable job search tips. Thank you so much Debora!

Camila Gomes Anselmo
Administrative & Commercial Analyst

Denise Rocha

Débora’s ability to extract the professional strengths of people is quite impressive. Having her as a Career Consultant, helping me not only to redesign my CV, Cover Letter and improve my LinkedIn profile but further build up my confidence and preparation to go through interviewing processes was a turning point in my career. After five-years living in Ireland getting the dream job opportunity seemed to be unachievable, but thanks to Débora’s mastery and experience I’ve got the job opportunity I pursued so long. If you are looking for the first job opportunity, outplacement or career advancement, Débora is the right professional to assist you.

Denise Rocha
Marketing Graduate

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