When to look for
psychological care?

Psychological Counseling is a form of psychotherapy, centered on the person, their feelings, conflicts and perceptions. The focus is to facilitate the process of your choices, that is, the decisions you must make regarding your profession, family, relationships, etc. Psychological Counseling aims at educational, preventive and situational action to develop the potential of human beings and their capacity to grow and give new meanings to their lives.

Occasionally we have the feeling and the realization that “our resources to face the day-to-day” are exhausted! Conflicts at work, in personal relationships, in decision-making, seem unsustainable. There is a feeling of helplessness and defeatist thoughts that prevent us from acting effectively. It is as if we suddenly lose our psychic balance and all our ``tools``! But there is no need to panic! All of us at some point in our lives, especially at important stages of development, go through situations that afflict us most overwhelmingly.

Moving house or work, city or country, marriage or divorce, birth of children or their emancipation, loss of close relatives, grief, a new and ambitious project, can increase weaknesses that were never before perceived or require new skills, not yet acquired.

Increasing and cooperative work can bring transformative results. Therefore, the willingness to change is essential. May we work together in this process towards a more fulfilling and satisfying life!

The First Session

When scheduling the first session you can feel free to expose all your doubts, concerns or changes that have occurred. The therapist will listen to your demands and help you by asking other questions that they consider relevant to understand, in a more comprehensive way, what you bring to the session.

Values per session

Individual Psychological Counseling

Online or Face-to-face (50 min)


Student: €50,00

5 session packages


Student: €240,00

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