Consulting for
Language Students

Are you an exchange student seeking a Work Visa in Europe? How about planning now a strategic path to carry out this long-awaited achievement?

Exchanges are often the gateway to the country you want to live in, but to remain with the right to work and live in the country without being a European citizen, you will need a Work Visa, and we can help you speed up these steps.

In this program aimed at students and their specificities, we will work in partnership with a work visa consultant to identify which are the best options for your profile and from that we will organize your professional profile and plan the best approach.

Meeting 1

Visa Consultant for case analysis and eligibility

  • Via e-mail we will build the Professional Profile (Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn) aligned with the analysis strategy of your case.
  • Networking expansion map, job hunting strategies and pitch preparation (presentation speech about your visa and career goals in the country) for phone calls with recruiters.
  • Guidance on certifications required to practice your profession in Ireland.

Meeting 2

Interview Training and Simulation so that you are ready to communicate about your visa situation and answer the most frequently asked questions in the selection processes, aligning your career strategy in the country.

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