Is your profession and college degree very different from the occupation in your new country?

Would you like to know if the professional area you are coming from, or have been performing, still makes sense after moving abroad?

The activities of your current job are a burden for you, but you don’t want to change the area, but rather change the emphasis?

Or are you definitely looking for a “radical” career change or even to undertake?

It may be because the job market is not good in the area in which you work or worked, so the future prospects for employability and salary are not very encouraging. Or, for more intimate, personal issues, related to your purpose, your motivation to leave home and go to work.

Whoever plans a career transition abroad, therefore, is looking for greater satisfaction, new challenges, more financial comfort or greater stability. Whatever your motivation and your desired area of activity, we will help you with all the steps to be taken in your career transition abroad.

Let's walk along 5 pillars:



Compatible Professions

Career Planning and Employability


Through the Program methodology you will have access to:

  • Psychological tests and innovative activities that will identify your skills, talents and interests;
  • Knowing your values, mindset, and professions compatible with your personality;
  • Field research on the different work environments, necessary qualifications and challenges of the professions that suit you;
  • Map to plan your professional and personal life before and during the transition process.

The Program takes place in a cycle of 10 online or face-to-face meetings (if you are in Ireland), in which we will walk with you through the 5 pillars toyour career transition.


With the Career Transition Program, in addition to having specialized professional support, access to tests and high performance tools to investigate your values, you will know which professions are compatible with your personality and current goals, making sure you are giving a safe step towards a new career with more meaning for you. In addition to the meetings, you will have 1 month of online assistance (via WhatsApp) for maintenance and monitoring of ongoing goals.

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