Coaching Além do Passaporte

If you want to make a big transition in your life or career and don’t know where to start, we have created specialized professional support to help you.

Let's walk along 5 pillars:

You, the protagonist of your success!

Knowing the Job Market

Journey of Preparation of CV, Cover Letter and Linkedin

Job Hunting and Network

Mock Interview

Through the Program methodology you will have access to:

Mapping and Evaluation of the current scenario and desired scenario

Establishing an international career strategy, taking into account your visa specificities and immigration issues

DISC assessment, understanding of your behavioral profile and using your skills in favor of the desired goals

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and possible threats and construction of coping strategies

Building your Professional Profile – Restructuring the CV and Cover Letter to the European standard

Professional Profile Optimization on LinkedIn – Step by step mentoring for the strategic use of the tool

English Interview Preparation and Simulation Job Hunting 

Strategic use of Linkedin – active and passive job hunting

Monitoring of established strategies and ongoing selection processes

The Program takes place in a cycle of 10 online or face-to-face meetings (if you are in Ireland), in which we will walk with you through the 5 pillars toyour career transition.

Competitive Differential

Do you want to develop your skills, work on your emotional intelligence and establish strategies that can leverage your life and career?

Do not waste time, contact us so that we can assist you in the search for the best opportunities.

By identifying and eliminating development gaps, we can define profile strategies and use their strengths as potential opportunities in an increasingly competitive market.

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