Débora Abdala

International Career Specialist & Psychologist

I'm Débora Abdala, Certified Coach Psychology by Academia do Psicólogo, accredited by OPP - Portuguese Psychologists Association, Postgraduate in Strategic People Management by PUCRS and Specialist in Neuropsychology by UFRGS - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Graduated in Psychology for 10 years.

More than 10 years of experience in recruiting professionals for large companies and training before becoming an expat.

Now I have changed sides and I’ve been helping people living outside their country to create endless possibilities for their Lives and Careers Abroad with a 360º view.

After a drastic change of continent due to a job offer to my husband in Ireland, I realized that I was not prepared for this change and went through a lot of frustration because no having the permission to work and without being able to speak English properly, I found myself having to start over.

I started thinking about returning to Brazil, that I was unable to learn the language, that I had no financial freedom, after all I could not work, I thought about what life in Brazil could be like,, going back to my old job, that my marriage was not going well because I was not an interesting person, that being alone at home was hurting me because I had lost my routine, I thought the responsibility for finding something that satisfied me was with my husband, since he was responsible for the change or that The Irish government needed to pay attention to expatriates and open up work opportunities. Aside from not being in this place, my big disappointment was that I couldn't work and communicate, I felt humiliated, frustrated...

After a long time, I was tired of looking for relocation, for blaming others and waiting for an answer from outside, ``I gave up``. I gave up looking outside for what was still confusing and chaotic inside.

I realized that even if I got a job opportunity ``at that time`` I still couldn’t speak English well enough. I had so many things to develop yet that I had blinded putting the ``blame`` away, since everything was in my hands and I was not acting for lack of clarity.

When I stopped looking at what I left behind or what might have been and looked at the new opportunities I had ahead of me, it was the snap I needed to start a whole different journey. I decided that I would write my own new story. I began to identify new talents and skills that I had that until then I had hidden, or not valued, like my ability to empathize, to listen and to help people.

As I began to give a voice and put together all the pieces of what I had lived to date with my technical skills, experience and knowledge in neuroscience, psychology, coaching and people management I sought to understand and become aware of the stages of expatriation, that emotions and beliefs that I would never learn the language were boycotting my actions and I exercised my resilience every day, putting myself in situations outside my comfort zone, which made me grow in an extraordinary way and brought me to where I am today.

Além do Passaporte was born from my process of rediscovery, reinventing myself and my profession, beyond the initial dream of an international experience, of a passport, I am a new person and professional who has changed, created , re-established itself!

That is why I want you, who lives outside your home country, to be able to live your whole life, that is a special and prepared time for you to look inside you and to be able to walk your conscious path out of automatic and leaving excuses aside to make the right meaning of your new experience.

And I want to help you achieve the Life you deserve abroad!